1. Design consultation

Is your house crying out for updating? You’ve always wanted to make those important

 changes but time and life conspire against you!  I will go through your entire home, taking time in each room to discuss your needs as well as your decorating tastes: classic, modern, bohemian... whatever it is: your home, your style!

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2. Tidying up

I've been tidying up my whole life without naming it: Organizing a space from the bottom of a closet to a full house is sometimes very intimidating when you are living a busy life with a full-time job, friends, kids, etc.  My approach is more about how do you live in your home than Marie Kondo method. Not that I don't like it, she is amazing! 

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3. Color consultation

Blue, green, white, what color tone to choose? Paint one, two or all walls? Oil based, water-based, organic, what type of paint should you pick? Painting the walls of your home, you could suddenly find yourself dealing with unpredicted variables and consequences. There are so many rules to know about color to create the ambiance desired in a space. An experienced eye is needed to predict how a small color swatch in your hands will appear once on your walls.

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4. Home staging

You love your home, your children grew up in it, all your memories are attached to it, you have decorated it yourself but your tastes aren't necessarily the same as others... Future buyers want to feel at home instantly when they're shopping but your home tastes aren't theirs. The first impression is very important and buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in their new home and dream of simply unpacking their suitcases. Investing some money to stage your home is the secret to selling it. 

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5. Shopping coaching

You always wanted to shop for furniture, but each time you try, are you not sure if it will fit in your living room? Ever felt in love with a nice decorating piece then doubted yourself almost immediately after your choice? Nothing unusual! Shopping coaching is all about you learning what you need and how to be sure in a store that this furniture is perfect for your home. 

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6. Design Guide

I've met a lot of homeowners who would love to remodel their home but can’t afford it. When you want to update your whole house, interior design consultation could be a real cost factor before you even begin to add materials or labor! Ironically, people often don’t know much about new, revolutionary materials which can completely upgrade the look of their home. And if you are a little handy, a lot of simple and low-cost solutions can make your home pop. That’s why I propose a design guide for a flat fee. I design your home, and you remodel it by following each of the steps described in your custom design guide.

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