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Clearwater Home full renovation - Florida

"I was thrilled with Emilie's work! She designed and oversaw the renovation of my house in Clearwater. The house was in terrible shape, and every aspect of it has to be redone from floor to ceiling. Her work included creating a new kitchen, bathroom, lighting, windows and whole new floors throughout the house. She had complete freedom to make decisions, and the result was terrific. Initially, I wanted to sell the house after the renovation, but the results were such that I decided to keep it! I was conquered by her attention to details, efficiency, enlightened taste and her wise choices of materials, colors, and fabrics. She is a true artist! Her ability to create a new, practical, attractive space is astonishing! A real gem! I highly recommend her." Sylviane F. actress Paris, FR. See Project here

Tampa Bay area realtor & broker Valerie Jarnberg - Florida

"I am a realtor in the Tampa Bay area and I recommend Emilie to my clients for the home staging. Not only she has great tastes but she also has a team of contractors she manages to make sure the home shows the best. Homes sell faster with a great home staging!" Valerie J. See Project here

Orinda Office project - California

"I've requested Emilie's services for my office in Orinda which was very plain before she came and with her precious help, we styled our law firm. She took the time to understand what were our needs and preferences and how to give some charm and professionalism to our conference room. Emilie advised us to paint some walls in a beautifully rich blue color, which we did and advised us to the furniture we should pick to make the space more lively. Hiring her was a great decision and we get lots of compliments from our visitors! I highly recommend her." Claire D. lawyer San Francisco, CA.

Berkeley Home color consultation - California

" I was lucky enough to have bid for four hours with Emilie Verbinnen, an Interior Designer.  She has a wonderful website called "EYM Design" and it is in this style that we redid our main bedroom. She took the time to first try to establish my "style". I didn't really know what my "style" was, but she understood what to do. She chose a brilliant paint color for our bedroom. We haven't made the other changes suggested yet, but she was very sincere in wanting to make the right decision and it was obvious that she put a lot of thoughts into all the decisions. I would highly recommend her. I hope to have Emilie help me with some other design decisions in the future. She instills confidence in what she is doing." Frances D. Dermatologist Berkeley, CA.

Montclair residence Home color consultation and furniture shopping - California

EYM designs are beautiful, warm and human in the sense that they create spaces where people can truly feel at home. Emilie has a special sense for that and excels at listening to your particular needs and wants. She came the first time for a color consultation for 4 rooms and succeeded to find the perfect tone for each of them where I could feel calm and reenergized.  I was going through a difficult time and she helped me more than I thought about giving me new spaces where my tastes were heard. She gave me plenty of advice about the flow of the house, moving some furniture around and I hired her for finding more furniture and set up my "new home". I can thank her enough and of course, I recommend her highly!" Bjoern H. Software engineer Montclair, CA.

Cusco historic hotel 20 bedrooms & hallway updating - Peru

"EYM Design helped us to create an elegant space in our historic hotel. Emilie could easily read our minds and brought our vision into reality. Our reception hallway is now very elegant, and the historic part stands out.  Emilie brought a lot of practical ideas. Since she was working as a head hotel in France, she knew every little detail that makes clients happy. She was very creative in the bedrooms and shopped fabrics in California to bring a modern touch, within a tight budget. She is very organized and can do a lot of work in details. Highly recommended." Marie- Elise & Jose DV. Hotel owners, Peru.

Montclair residence Home design consultation - California

"EYM designs are beautiful, warm and human in the sense that they create spaces where people can truly feel at home. Emily has a special sense for that and excels at listening to your particular needs and wants. 
Give her a call and see for yourself! Caroline S.