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I've met a lot of homeowners who would love to remodel their home but can’t afford it. When you want to update your whole house, interior design consultation could be a real cost factor before you even begin to add materials or labor! But if you are a little handy, a lot of simple and low-cost solutions can make your home pop. That’s why I propose a design guide for a flat fee. I design your home and you remodel it!


I believe that everybody deserves a nicely decorated space where you can finally feel right at home. And that’s why I propose a design guide for a flat fee. I design your home, and you remodel it by following each of the steps described in your custom design guide.


This service consists of a 1-hour design consultation in your home, going through your whole house, helping define your style, learning about how you live, and determining what you would like to change. The purpose is to define your project and explain to you what could be done within your budget.


After returning to my studio, I will work on your project and write an entire design guide customized only for you. It will include a resume of our design consultation, what has to be changed, which furniture you will keep and which you should let go, what color should be applied to which wall, what kind of material to cover or change your dated countertop…


I will make a full description in each room of what needs to be done along with all the steps necessary to bring it about. Colors, flooring, a list of each piece of furniture with pictures, prices, and brands, backsplash etc. Everything to guide you each step of the way to make your dream home!


Flat fee: $600 for the first room including first-hour design consultation, 2 hours design research, 2 hours writing the report with pictures and a full furniture list including brands and prices.


$240 additional for each room.

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