Tidying up

I've been tidying up my whole life without naming it: Organizing a space from the bottom of a closet to a full house is sometimes very intimidating when you are living a busy life with a full-time job, friends, kids, etc.  My approach is more about how do you live in your home than Marie Kondo method. Not that I don't like it, she is amazing! But I like to think that our life would be soothing if we organize our home the way we live in it. Don't misunderstand me, changes will happen! I am here to give you a clean slab and teach you how to build on it.


Tidying up:


Organizing a space, a closet, a pantry is not within everybody's reach. Some people are much into it than others. Not that they don't like it but they are busy with other things in mind. So don't feel guilty, if you are reading this page, you are doing your first step, congrats!


From a clean house where you would like help to figure out what can be improved to a complete cluttered house, I am your woman!

First, I will come to your house to figure out what help you need from me and then I will start to teach you how to organize space, closet, under the sink products, etc.

It will take an hour and I will give you directions for our next meeting. Depending on your project, I will come every week to work with you and teach you the next steps.

I will also teach you how to clean your home and how to maintain this fantastic cleanness.


This service is $50/ hour.





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