Color consultation

Blue, green, white, what color tone to choose? Paint one, two or all walls? Oil-based, water-based, organic, what type of paint should you pick? Painting the walls of your home, you could suddenly find yourself dealing with unpredicted variables and consequences. There are so many rules to know about color to create the ambiance desired in a space. 


Too often, people chose a color on a small color swatch, then after they paint the entire wall, they realize that this tone is too strong or that this color is darkening the room.

The right way to do it is to “experiment with the paint” in the actual space and light of the room.


An experienced eye is needed to predict how a small color swatch in your hands will appear once on your walls. Having been trained in color theory to achieve color expert status, I have the experience and understanding to find the color that you seek.


Each person's individual style is different; that’s why it is important for me to grasp your tastes through an in-person consultation which will also enable me to evaluate what type of space you want to be redecorated.


This service includes 2 hours consultation to evaluate your home and learn more about what you are expecting in terms of the color for your walls. I will bring with me my color spectrum and several pictures of examples of painted walls to help me determine your style.


The first hour will help us to ascertain what hue is best for your home depending on your furniture, floors, curtains, decorations and enable me to advise you how to create a harmonious ambiance.


Then, I will come back for another hour consultation, with a choice of different colors that I will then pick up myself in order to try them on your walls* - paint sample price depending on the brand vary around $6.


Those color samples will stay on your walls for a couple of days in order to figure out what color in the actual space and light of your room will bring the best of it! 

That’s the right way to do it!



*: I propose also to paint the color samples on large sheets of paper prior to this second consultation if you feel uncomfortable to try on your walls (this extra service is billed hourly). 




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