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You love your home, your children grew up in it, all your memories are attached to it, you have decorated it yourself but your tastes aren't necessarily the same as others... Future buyers want to feel at home instantly when they're shopping but your home tastes aren't theirs.


The first impression is very important and buyers need to be able to imagine themselves in their new home and dream of simply unpacking their suitcases. Investing some money to stage your home is the secret to selling it. 


Fitted furniture, a neutral color spectrum, modern chairs, nice area rug and comfy cushions can make a huge difference for the buyer's eye. Working in California for 4 years, almost all the homes on the market were home staged. It is a very quick way to sell your home and at the market value price.


Even some small renovation work can increase your home value.  A lot of solutions at a reasonable price could apply to your home and change it quickly! Knowledge about materials how to use them in a smart way is key to a great home staging. I have always been aware of new solutions for interior design.  Connected to European & US suppliers, I keep abreast of new developments in techniques and materials.


This service includes a free estimate consultation. In an hour, I will sort out which one of your furniture I can still use, what is the best flow of your home and what to add as home staged furniture and decor to make your home bright and harmonious.

Then, I will send you a quote that includes a price of the setting and 3 months minimum of renting furniture and decor. this estimate depends on how many furniture and square feet would need to be staged. I will use my expertise to bring the best out of your home and make the buyers dream to get your home first.


I also understand that everybody can't afford a home staging so I propose another service that includes an hour or two of design consultation to give you expert advice and work with you on how to arrange your furniture in your home, what and where to buy easy solutions to make your home at her best.


Send me your project and I will be glad to help you to create nice neutral spaces for future buyers!



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